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GEORGIA / Tbilisi

Original  Tour in Georgia - 7 days / 6 nights

Duration: 7 Days / 6 Nights

Price:  from €985 / person. (meals + entry tickets to activities included in the price) - this price does not include the plane ticket in addition to the service

Best Travel Season March to October

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Description : ANSI Travel takes you to one of the cradle countries of Christianity in the world.

Like its neighboring country Armenia, Georgia has many historic temples and religious buildings.

But it is also a land of nature, ready to welcome you for sublime hikes through the local landscape and forests.

We will take you, from East to West, from the monuments of the “Vardzia” site to the “Great Georgian Wall” located in Sighnaghi, from where you can admire a 180° view from the highest viewpoint. on the neighboring lands of Azerbaijan, Russia and Armenia.

Come and enjoy a slice of nature in Georgia!

Jour 1.


Transfer de l'aéroport à l’hôtel (centre ville)

Jour Libre !

City tour au centre ville.

Day 2.

Arrival – Tbilisi, group walk to discover the Town.

During this day, we take you to the varied and fascinating places of this atypical city.

We will visit famous places of the city of Tbilisi such as Metekhi church, the major monument of Vakhtang Gorgasali, via the cable car, the statue of the creative mother of Georgia, the Narikala fortress, Shardeni street, the Sioni church , the Clock Tower of the Marionette Theater “Renzo Gabriadze”,  etc….


  • Cable car route inside the city.

  • Opportunity to take pictures of the amazing Legvtakhevi waterfalls.

  • Discovery of the unique and original, tour of the puppet theater of Rezo Gabriadze.

  • Explore the fortress of  Narikala.

Taste and taste the local Georgian wine

Day 3.

From Tbilisi: Private Jinvali – Ananuri – Gudauri - Kazbegi Tour

Total duration of the stages: 12 hours. Come and explore Kazbegi Gergeti Church of the Holy Trinity, surrounded by majestic mountains and breathtaking valleys.

You will also be able to appreciate the amazing ski slopes of the Gudauri resort, and its mountain landscapes worthy of the most beautiful Alpine landscapes in Switzerland.

Points of interest during the Tour:

  • Jinvali Reservoir Tour

  • Hear the story of Ananuri Fortress

  • Typical lunch at “Pasanauri” restaurant offering local Georgian food

  • Discover the traditional Georgian meal “the Khinkali”

  • Discovery / visit of the Gudauri Ski-resort

  • Admire the Friendship Mural, erected to celebrate the relationship between Georgia and Russia.

Explore Kazbegi town

Day 4.

Private Tour to Vardzia-Rabati-Borjomi

Approximate duration: 14h.

During this day we will visit very contrasting sites in their era of constructions, spread over several centuries: Vardzia, Rabati, and Borjomi.

A professional guide accompanied by a licensed driver, will transport the two of you to the southern part of the country.

The guide will meet you with a small flag with the logo of the agency on site at 8:30 am at the Avlabari metro station, so that you can find yourself in the best conditions.

3 destinations are on the program: the Vardzia cellar complex, the castle of Rabati, and Borjomi.

Major points:

  • A trip to the past in the 12th century by going to the cellars of Vardzia.

  • An Asian-inspired style for the Akhaltsikhe complex.

  • On the same site of Akhaltsikhe, you will find a church, a mosque and its minaret as well as a synagogue.

Day 5.

Private tour of Sighnaghi & Bodbe sites

Approximate duration: 5h.

Georgia is a country filled with love and respect for International visitors, this is one of the highlights when you travel to this country. Enjoy the local HOSPITALITY!

Georgia is also recognized for being one of the first countries to adopt Christianity as a national religion. The Bodbe and Sighnaghi Sites allow you to understand and apprehend this state of affairs in a condensed time.

Appreciate the major places recounting the birth of Christianity, as well as the visit of one of the most famous World War II memorials in the region, to finally get lost in the immensity and beauty of the mountainous landscapes of the Caucasus; here is a proposal rich in meaning and experiences for 5 hours of excursions!


 Stop 1:the site of Bodbe, is the place where Saint Nino was buried in the 4th century. Saint Nino, was a woman recognized in her country, for having known how to transform an indigenous Georgian religion, into a local branch of Christianity.


It was a priesthood and an absolute dedication on the part of this woman, to ensure this task and to evangelize the country. In addition to this religious aspect, the monastery has a remarkable viewpoint for taking photos.

  A dozen nuns work here today and keep the place clean and in perfect condition.


Stop 2:Sighnaghi, considered locally as the city of love and a place in its own right for the celebration of marriages, where it is possible, like in Las Vegas, to get married 24 hours a day. Sighnaghi is also a site known and recognized for its wall, nicknamed the Great Georgian Wall.

At this stage, you will also be offered a short explanation of the underside of the 2nd World War and how its outcome influenced relations between Russia and Georgia as well as the way in which these events shaped the local political / diplomatic landscape.

Finally, Georgia is one of the countries in which most of the known and recognized mountains of the Caucasus region are found. From Sighnaghi, you can even admire the landscapes and views of neighboring countries (mainly Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia).

Day 6.

 Guided Tour of Mtskheta and Jvary Monasteries

Duration: 5 hours.

Come explore the original ancient capital of Georgia! In this half-day tour, you will have the opportunity to discover the old capital of Mtskheta and its rich history. 

Come stroll through the small streets of the city and appreciate its unique local architecture.

You will also have a clear and detailed explanation of how the “Svetitskhoveli” Cathedral was built at the time.

Finally, we will take you to the church dated from the 6th C.  of Jvari and you will be fascinated by the view overlooking the city of Mtskheta at the confluence of the 2 arms of the river, which meet


 Stop 1: Jvari Monastery

The name of this monastery can literally be translated as, “the Monastery of the Cross”. The Orthodox monastery of Jvari is dated from the 6th century AD. Along with the historic structure of Mtskheta, the site is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Jvari Monastery stands high in the surrounding mountains, at the confluence of the Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers, overlooking the city of Mtskheta, formerly considered the capital of the Iberian Kingdom.


 Stop 2: Mtskheta

Mtskheta – One of the oldest citadels in Georgia, built by ancient tribes in the 5th century. Due to its historical significance and the importance of some of its monuments, this place has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. It was a capital of the origin of the existence of the kingdom of Georgia of Iberia going from the 3rd BC until the 5th S. AD

  Despite everything, Mtskheta continues to be the reference and the place of choice for the burial of the kings who succeeded one another until the 19th century.

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (literally, the Cathedral of Living Pillars) is currently the 2nd largest church built in Georgia, by its size, after the Holy Trinity Cathedral. Known as the place where the mantle of Christ himself rests, Svetitskhoveli is one of the most revered and adored places in the Caucasus region.

Day 7. 

Transfert to the airport !

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