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About Us

AnSi Travel is a travel agency, created by its 2 founders,

Antoine VIGNON and Sirak SINANYAN.

AnSi Travel, is above all a story of meeting between its 2 founders, Sirak and Antoine, both passionate about discovery and possessing  above all a very strong desire to make everyone discover their magnificent heritage and their respective culture.

After nearly 10 years of professional experience in the world of luxury (Louis VUITTON, PRADA, De Fursac) Antoine has chosen to take advantage of his commercial experience and his love for travel and languages, by embarking on the tourism.

Sirak was born in Armenia, in the city of Yerevan, after studying computer science and economics, he chose France to continue his studies in law and economics of tourism and the hotel industry, which he was able to apply during close  6 years with GROUPE ACCOR. Sirak is then fascinated by the country but also by the great similarities and similarities that exist between Armenia and France. A project of "cultural bridge" between these 2 countries, born then in his head through the creation of a travel agency!

He is convinced that France and Armenia are 2 very rich cultures and above all very complementary... From there, Sirak and Antoine decided to join forces, to share their cultures and their  rich heritage to the greatest number!

We invite you to our territory…

We wish you an excellent discovery!

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