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Discovery of ancient history and its culture!

Duration: 7 Days / 6 Nights

Price: from €749 (meals + entry tickets to activities included in the price) - this price does not include the plane ticket in addition to the service.

Best season to go there: April – October

Tour 1

Description : Armenia is a centuries-old country, little known to the general public, and yet full of unsuspected treasures...

Come discover this country, the cradle of Western Christianity, and come listen to the story of “Grigor The Illuminator” in 300 AD, Gregory built churches and officially became Catholicos of Armenia, the first in history, making of the kingdom the oldest Christian state in the world.


Armenia is also a land of adventure with the possibility of skiing in the renowned resort of Tzarkhatzor but it is also a land of relaxation, in the city of Dilijian with the numerous natural hot water springs loaded with gas natural beauty of the surrounding mountains, which will guarantee you moments of intense relaxation at the spas and balneotherapy centers in the city.

Day 1.


Transfer from the airport to the hotel (city center)

Day Free!

Day 2.

Breakfast at the hotel. City tour in Yerevan: Erebuni Museum

(an archaeological museum located near the Urartean fortress of Erebouni  in Yerevan in 1968).  

Megeryan Karpet Carpet Manufacturing Plant  (represents the art of Armenian carpet weaving.

Megerian Carpet was founded in New York in 1917).  Yerevan brandy observation and tasting tour  company (the main company in Armenia for alcoholic beverages,  established  in 1887. Its main brand is the Ararat brandy. It is currently  a subsidiary  of the French company Pernod Ricard.)  

The total duration of the tour: 5-6H

Transfer to the hotel.

Day 3.

Breakfast  in the hotel.

Visit to the Khor Virap monastery ("deep well": the first  place  St. Christian Armenia where Gregory the Illuminator, the first  Patriarch of the Armenian Church survived  miraculously  for thirteen years after the king's persecution  Tiridate IV of Armenia.

When the king fell ill, Gregory the Illuminator appeared to be the only one capable of healing him and converting him to Christianity.) Visit to Noravank (Armenian monastery located in the south of Armenia, in the rural community of Areni, and built in the 13th century. -14th centuries).

Visit to the Hin Areni wine factory (tour and tasting)

Visit to the Cave of the Birds (ancient cave)

Tour duration: 9-10H

Transfer to the hotel.

Day 4.

Breakfast  in  the hotel

Visit to the city of Etchmiadzin ( Hripsime, Gayané monasteries, Sainte-Etchmiadzin cathedral, Etchmiadzin treasury museum).

Visit Zvartnots Palace-Cathedral (one of the most important archaeological sites in Armenia)

Tour duration: 4-5H

Transfer to hotel 

The 1st Christian cathedral of Echmiadzin, was founded in the year IV BC. pearls and fine gold, as well as objects used for the rituals of the time made of gold, silver and ivory.

Church of Saint-Hripsime.

The Temple of St Hripsime was founded in the 7th century by the Catholic Komitas I. Since the year 2000 the temple of Saint Hripsime has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Register.

Zvartnots temple.

The extraordinary Temple of Zvartnos, which literally means "Temple of Vigil", was built in the 7th century.

The construction time was 20 years! especially given its complexity. Unfortunately, the temple of Zvartnos was partly destroyed in the 20th century due to an earthquake. However, even the ruins of the temple can give a glimpse of the beauty and majesty of the place at the time.

Today, Zvartnos has an archaeological reserve in its own museum founded in 1937, where you can see models and projections of the Temple in its entirety. The ruins of Zvartnos are registered as World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

The duration of the tour: 6H

Distance: 40km

Transfer to hotel!

Day 5.

Breakfast at the hôtel.

Lake Sevan (2nd highest freshwater lake in the world  after Lake Titicaca in South America)

City of Dilidjan (Gochavank and Haghartsin    monasteries, built from XII to XIII centuries)

Day 6.

Breakfast  in the hotel.

Tour to Garni (Garni temple: the only Hellenistic Greek temple in Armenia and the best-known symbol of pre-Christian Armenia.

The first structure of the building was probably built by  King Tiridates I of Armenia in the first century CE.)

We will explore one of the largest pure water high lakes – Lake Sevan as well as the Sevanavank Monastery, built by Princess Mariam in 874.

Lake Sevan: The high altitude lake, Lake Sevan is considered by many to be “the pearl of Armenia”

Located at an altitude of 1.900m above sea level in the center of the land, approx. 65km separation from the capital Yerevan, and also recognized as the largest lake in the entire Caucasian region.

From all sides, Sevan is surrounded by mountain ranges, offering a remarkable view of the high lake. This lake of Sevan is recognized for the purity of its water and for the beneficial effects of its high nature for health!

Thereafter we will cross the enchanting and deep forest of Dilidjian to arrive at the monastery of Goshavank.

This monastery is located in the middle of the green village of Goshavank.

Goshavank: Goshavank is one of the most prominent monasteries in the Aghstev river valley.

Finally, we will finish our exploration by the monastery of Hagharstin, you will be blown away by its beauty and its imposing architectural structure.

This monastery composed of 4 independent chapels was built in place of a pagan temple in the past.

Distance 110km

The duration of the tour: 9-10H

Transfer to hotel


Tour à Geghard (monastery built in the 13th century.  monastery is to present an underground part in which the  priests practice for their liturgy.)

Discovery of the manufacture of Lavash (Armenian bread registered in the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO in 2014).

Tour duration: 4-5H

Transfer to the hotel.

Day 7.

Breakfast at the hotel!

Transfer to the airport Zvartnotc

Hotel 5* - Radisson Blu

Hotel  4* - Ramada

Hotel  4* - Congress 

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